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Your dental health impacts more than just your smile. In fact, every system in your body is affected by the way you take care of your teeth and gums! Since your dental health is directly linked to your overall health, it’s important to stay on top of dental hygiene and routine dental care. If it’s been a while since you last saw your dentist, here are some reasons why you should schedule an appointment:

  1. Detect and prevent serious health problems. A quick trip to the dentist can literally save your life by detecting cancers or symptoms of other serious diseases.
  2. Save money! Routine dental care is much more affordable than costly repairs like root canals, fillings and crowns.
  3. Protect your pearly whites! Routinely cleaning and examining your teeth is the best way to ensure you’re still sporting a bright smile when you’re older.
  4. Prevent periodontal disease. Skipping cleanings leads to gingivitis and periodontal disease, which results in swollen gums and possible loss of bone or teeth.
  5. Improve your confidence!
  6. Nip bad habits in the bud. Regular check-ups can help you identify and stop bad habits like nail biting, griding and chewing ice.
  7. Unearth problems lurking beneath the surface of your gums. You may think your mouth looks great, but x-rays can uncover issues the eyes can’t see.
  8. Save time! Short routine cleanings are a lot more manageable than lengthy appointments for fillings and repair work.
  9. Correct damage from normal wear and tear. Life is hard on your teeth. At your routine checkups, your dentist can correct normal wear and tear.
  10. Get help for chronic problems. Issues like TMJ, or temporomandibular joint dysfunction, can be identified and alleviated with help from a dentist.

Overdue for a cleaning? Don’t worry — we’re here for you! We would love to help you stay happy and healthy. Call Dr. Stante’s office today to schedule a cleaning so you can keep your teeth, gums and overall health protected and strong!

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