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This month, we celebrate National Toothbrush Day on June 26th! You probably don’t think about your toothbrush often, but it plays a big part in your oral health. The right option can make all the difference when it comes to having healthy gums, teeth and an overall mouth!

But how hard can it be to choose a toothbrush? They’re all the same, right? Not exactly!

Here are a few things you should look for the next time you purchase a toothbrush:

  1. ADA Approved. Always look for a brush that has the ADA Seal of Approval on the packaging. This certifies your brush has bristles with safe tips, the handle is sturdy enough for daily use, the bristles won’t fall out and the brush can reduce plaque and gum disease. Basically, this shows that the brush is safe for your mouth and is designed to effectively clean it.
  2. Soft Bristles. It may seem like hard bristles would clean better, but they can be too rough on your teeth and wear away enamel, which contributes to gum recession. Soft bristles are best for clearing plaque, removing food debris and keeping your gums safe.
  3. Brush Head Size. While it may seem like you should choose a larger option, small-headed toothbrushes are better for getting into the grooves and maneuvering around the top, front and back of your teeth. While rare, there may be some instances where a larger toothbrush might work better for you, so always check with your dentist!
  4. Electric or manual? Both are great options, and this is entirely based on your preference. If you don’t feel like you are effectively cleaning your mouth with a manual brush, an electric one might be best! Several models also come with timers or apps that help you track your brushing routine.

A proper toothbrush is important when it comes to practicing good oral hygiene and keeping your mouth as healthy as possible! While we always provide a high-quality, ADA-approved toothbrush at your dental cleanings, Dr. Stante and her team are always happy to discuss toothbrush recommendations with you to ensure you are purchasing the right option for your needs. Schedule an appointment today and let us help ensure your toothbrush is doing its job to keep your oral health at its best.

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