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BOTOX Treatment for TMJ and Facial Pain Therapy

We are excited to announce that Dr. Stante is now providing BOTOX Treatment to her patients as a cutting-edge alternative for facial pain and TMJ therapy.  BOTOX injections have proven to be very effective in relieving pain with TMJ disorders, reducing bruxism (grinding of teeth) and reducing or even eliminating tension type migraines.

Not Just For Wrinkles Anymore

In February 2011, the FDA approved the use of botulinum toxin (BOTOX is a common brand name) for chronic migraine and facial pain as a primary treatment.  This highly purified protein has proven very effective in pain relief from muscle sources.  Some studies suggest that approximately 85% of TMJ and other facial pain disorders are muscle related.  BOTOX affects muscles by decreasing the intensity of muscle contractions, allowing the muscles to still function, but to relax them just enough to prevent intense contractions, which can cause the pain along with tooth damage.

How Does It Work?

Simply put, the muscles we chew with (masticatory) in and around the neck and shoulder muscle areas are integrated along with the pain pathways.  Any area of a muscle that is injured, whether it’s due to causes such as trauma, chronic strain, fatigue or inflammation, can bring about what is called “referred pain” far from the injured muscle.  This “referred pain” can be passed on to other muscles, joints an even teeth, known as “trigger points.”  A good example of this would be sensitivity around the ear or above the eye from an oversensitive neck muscle.  A large muscle can cause some upper teeth to hurt when a dental problem doesn’t seem to be the cause.  In other words, the masseter muscle may be a trigger point and can be the root cause of the jaw pain.  By injecting BOTOX into a trigger point, it can reduce or eliminate the “referred pain” such as the distant jaw or facial pain.

BOTOX Benefits

If you’ve suffered from TMJ symptoms or other types of tension, such as migraine headaches, neck pain and facial pain, you may be familiar with dental guards or oral medications.  However, sometimes these procedures alone fail to give you the relief, so adding BOTOX may be the answer.  What are the benefits to this conservative procedure?

  • Quick
  • Effective
  • Non-invasive, non-surgical
  • Administered in dentist’s office, not in hospital
  • Minimal pain, mainly due from the injections
  • Noticeable improvement within one to two days of the first treatment and maximum effects within 10-14 days
  • Easy return to normal activities
  • Safeguards dental health from excessive grinding and damaged gums
  • Provides relief 24 hours a day, rather than just nightime relief from a guard

However, as with all treatments and procedures, there are some risks and possible complications with BOTOX, although they are limited and usually temporary.  There may be mild temporary brusing, numbness or redness around the injection sites.

Ask Dr. Stante If You’re a Candidate.

Dr. Stante is pleased to now offer BOTOX as an additional therapy to help relieve facial and headache pain associated with TMJ disorder.

“Although patients with jaw or facial pain do benefit from TMJ appliance therapy or the use of a bruxism guard,” says Dr. Stante, “adding BOTOX therapy to their treatment causes the affected muscles to relax, thus decreasing the hyperactivity and contraction force of the affected musculature, helping to reduce or eliminate the headaches or facial pain associated with TMD and bring about relief.”

When determining which TMJ treatment is best, the consultation is primarily patient-driven.  With these BOTOX treatments, Dr. Stante is entirely focused on the function of the mouth and the jaw, not on cosmetic purposes.

Dr. Stante has begun offering or incorporating BOTOX injections as a treatment option to her patients after completing a hands-on Continuing Education and Training Course on TMJ and facial pain therapy utilizing the BOTOX procedure from the American Academy of Facial Esthetics, the leader in providing BOTOX training courses for dentists and healthcare professionals.  She will continue these treatments because of their effectiveness in relieving the symptoms of TMD.

Make an appointment today and see if BOTOX is one of your recommended treatment options.

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