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Most of us know that the food we eat impacts our overall health, but how often do you consider how those same foods are affecting your teeth? It might sound crazy, but some foods we consider healthy for our body might actually harm your oral health!

Dr. Julie Stante has the tips you need to keep your teeth sparkling and your gums healthy:

Icky sticky and crunchy munchy—the potential for dental disaster
We all love a good sweet treat, but common goodies, such as soda, sports drinks, candy, and cookies can contribute to tooth decay, cavities and even gum disease. And those wonderful, salty, crunchy, munchy chips that taste so good? Unfortunately, they can get stuck between your teeth, which can trap lingering food and bacteria and lead to more harmful tooth decay.

Tomatoes, raisins and citrus fruits…oh my!
While these acidic foods are nutritious, be careful in how you eat them. It’s best to include them as part of your whole meal, rather than eating them as an individual snack. If you’d like to snack on fruits or veggies, consider grabbing a piece of fresh non-citrus fruit or vegetable, like bananas, watermelon, carrots and cucumbers, so you’re kinder to your teeth and focused on nutrition at the same time.

Now that you’ve read about the negative impact sugary and acidic foods can have on your dental health, you’re probably left wondering, “What’s the good stuff that will help me protect my teeth?”

Remember those five major food groups you learned about in school? Eat a variety of foods from those groups: whole grains, fruits, vegetables, lean sources of protein and low-fat/fat-free dairy foods.

Keep your snacks balanced
In other words, limit the number of snacks you eat during the day and in the evening. When you do eat snacks, various cheeses, yogurts, fruits and vegetables are the best go to sources.

Drink water, water and more WATER!
Water helps keep your mouth moist with saliva, which protects both the hard and soft oral tissues in your mouth. Try sugarless gum and candy to stimulate saliva and loosen acids too!

Develop and maintain good dental habits
It’s incredibly important to make sure you’re brushing twice a day with fluoride toothpaste, flossing daily and visiting your dentist regularly. Establishing these actions as part of your dental routine can help you prevent oral problems from even starting and help your dentist diagnose issues in the early stage of the process, which makes them much easier to treat.

The bottom line
Poor nutrition can lead to tooth decay, tooth loss, periodontal disease and so much more! So, make sure you’re making your dental health as big of a priority as your physical health!

At Dr. Stante, we care about your overall health. If you’d like to discuss your diet more, have dental issues or would like to schedule an appointment, contact us today.

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