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Are you taking care of your smile? Research shows there’s a critical link between oral health and your general heath.

So, what are some of these links? We’re glad you asked…

Oral Health and Diabetes

The working relationship between diabetes and periodontitis may be the strongest of all the connections between the mouth and body. Inflammation that starts in the mouth seems to weaken the body’s ability to control blood sugar.

Oral Health and Heart Disease

Though the reasons are not fully understood, it’s clear that gum disease and heart disease often go hand in hand. The two conditions have several risk factors in common, such as smoking, unhealthy diet, and excess weight. And some suspect that periodontitis has a direct role in raising the risk for heart disease as well.

Oral Health and Other Conditions

The impact of oral health on the body is a relatively new area of study. Some other mouth-body connections under current investigation include:

  • Dementia – Gingivitis bacteria can enter your brain through nerve channels or the bloodstream, possibly leading to Alzheimer’s disease.
  • Respiratory infections – Inhaling bacteria from infected teeth and gums over a long period could lead to infections in the lungs, as well as pneumonia.
  • Rheumatoid arthritis – The more tooth loss due to gum disease, the higher the risk of rheumatoid arthritis.

Keeping your dental health in check is more than just paying attention to your teeth and gums—it means being conscious of the foods you eat and how often you eat them. The more often you eat harmful snacks and sugary drinks, the more frequently you are exposing your teeth to tooth decay, gum disease or other serious factors that can affect your overall health.

Call today to learn more about our periodontal program or to schedule your cleaning with Dr. Stante to better protect your teeth, gums and overall health.

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