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More than 25 million teeth are saved through endodontic procedures every year, preserving the smiles and dental health of so many people.

Why is it so important to save your natural teeth?

Authentic Smile: There is nothing quite like having an all-natural and organic smile with all your teeth intact. Once you begin the process of replacing your natural teeth, chances are that people will take notice of the differences between the natural and unnatural teeth. In addition, keeping the original structure and alignment of your teeth will ensure they won’t shift, which can happen with implants and cause more problems in the future.

Cost Effective: While tending to your tooth’s roots is an initial investment, it will ensure you can keep the tooth for a lifetime. Extracting, on the other hand, is just a quick fix. If you decide to remove the tooth, understand that the expenses will not stop there. Replacements require upkeep and are not guaranteed to last forever.

Pain: Despite the common misconception that root canals are extremely painful, having a tooth pulled can induce as much pain. A tooth can accidentally become cracked during removal, resulting in discomfort and the possibility of spreading infection.

Less Dietary Restrictions: Keeping your natural teeth means that you’ll be able to maintain normal biting force without keeping yourself from all your favorite foods. Artificial teeth are more sensitive and have a higher probability of being damaged. Certain fruits, vegetables and even meats could wreak havoc on your replacement teeth.

Maintaining your natural teeth doesn’t have to be and certainly shouldn’t be hard! Practice these tips to help keep your smile and gums healthy:

  • Brush regularly, but not aggressively
  • Build a healthy flossing habit
  • Schedule regular dental cleanings and exams
  • Use your dentist’s recommended oral care products
  • Rinse your mouth after meals

If you’re concerned about your dental health and want to learn how to keep a natural smile, contact our office and schedule your appointment with Dr. Stante today. Our team is highly experienced and here to ensure you feel happy and confident with your teeth!

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