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How Your Diet and Dental Health Go Hand-In-Hand

Most of us take caution when it comes to the foods we eat and how they can affect our overall health, but how often do you consider how those same foods are affecting your teeth? Dr. Julie Stante has the tips you need to keep your teeth sparkling and your gums healthy:

Icky sticky and crunchy munchy—the potential for dental disaster!
Common food and drink items, such as soda and sports drinks, candy, and cookies can contribute to tooth decay, such as cavities and even worse, gum disease. And those wonderful, salty, crunchy, munchy chips that taste so good? Unfortunately, they can get stuck between your teeth, trapping food and bacteria, leading to more harmful tooth decay.

Tomatoes, raisins and citrus fruits…oh my!
While these acidic foods are nutritious, be careful in how you eat them. It’s best to include them as part of your whole meal, rather than eating them as an individual snack. Consider grabbing a piece of fresh non-citrus fruit or vegetable for a daily snack so you’re kinder to your teeth and focused on nutrition at the same time!

Now that we’ve got the bad out of the way, stay tuned for Tip #2 coming next week!

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